To Our Friends,


Each and every day, lives are changed right here at the Severna Park Community Center. Our walls resound with thousands of voices sharing stories of celebration, friendship, learning, and fun.

There are countless stories of our friends and neighbors utilizing this incredible community resource.

  • Excited children stepping into a pool for the first time, learning to swim and live safely around the water.
  • Determined first responders learning the skills to save lives and better protect the public.
  • Seniors utilizing the therapy pool as relief from the pain of arthritis and to maintain their physical fitness.
  • People come to learn the art of painting, craft making, martial arts, quilting, physical fitness, and more.
  • Local businesses connecting and meeting with community members.
  • Young dancers learning self discipline and poise that will follow them throughout their lives.
  • Generations of families and friends coming together to celebrate important life events.

The Severna Park Community Center enables people from all walks of life who come together to write the story that encompasses our healthy, vibrant, connected community.

SPCC is home to programs that reach far beyond the walls of our building – reaching into lives that may

have never stepped through our doors. Backpack Buddies reaches children across the county – ensuring

they don’t go hungry over weekends and holidays. Project Linus meets to collect and create handmade blankets for critically ill children throughout the area. These programs and so many others offer hope

and healing to individuals all around Anne Arundel County and beyond.

What began 20 years ago as a community cornerstone, as a safe place for children to grow and learn and

 for friends and neighbors to gather – has transformed into a place that does so much more…

All because of you!

Please help us to continue our story and so many others happening everyday at SPCC. Your support and donations are essential for us to continue our outreach into the community and welcome our friends and neighbors through our doors.

Whose story will you help write today?



Warmest regards,


Pete Sheldon                                      Newth Morris

Chairman of the Board                     Executive Director



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